Our Values:

We believe that being an instrumental citizen is associate with being productive. Our goal is to make a difference and be the best by putting forward constant change and development. High quality and achieving permanent superiorities with strong relationships are among our goals in every field of activity where there is a good service. Our greatest capital is our human resources. Our presence is elevated by the quality of our personnel. We derive the best, the most efficient and the most qualified human resources from the intelligence and creativity of our own people. Our power in our fields of activity is the power of our employees. Increasing the efficiency of our employees, allowing them to go through developments, providing them with work, cooperation and social environments they need is to supply a source for our own development.

We are creating resources for developing and providing development unceasingly. We embrace the wise utilization of resources in order to ensure the continuity of service; to make required investments for development with a competitive and sustainable growing potential; for our group and our country; to help our personnel and the community develop both economically and socially. Good intention, mutual understanding and integrity along with compliance with law and moral regulations, being aware of responsibilities for people of current and future generations, and of our duties for the world are among our corporate values. 

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